What a Bank Holiday Weekend

I was hoping to get some work done over the bank holiday weekend but instead we just haven’t stopped at all since Friday evening and I haven’t gotten any work done until this morning! Started off going out for a curry with Louise and some friends from work along with their partners. It was a really nice curry but the waiter made me laugh as he had put mad hot next to my order and I had found it enjoyable but far from mad hot ;-) Saw a few guys from the magnetics group in the pub before we left and realised how rarely I make it out these days - they had redecorated and refurbished the bar without me even noticing any of the work going off…

Saturday morning it was over to Tigerdive early to help out with my first open water course as a trainee divemaster. It was good fun but a really long day. I think I got there at 8:30 and wasn’t home until just before 21:00. It was quite a small group, with only four students in the end but it was still enjoyable and an opportunity to learn more about being a divemaster in a teaching assistant role.

Then straight off to town for a few drinks with some old friends I haven’t seen since school. They met up for a meal at 19:00 but I knew I probably wouldn’t make it in until later. It was strange seeing them after so many years and I hope we manage to stay in touch a little more in future. I remember my days at All Saints quite fondly on the whole.

I got a lay in on Sunday and then we went off to visit Louise’s family at her sisters for the weekly coffee morning. After that we went shopping at CCC and Decathlon for some camping supplies. It was good fun but I took ages deciding between three tents. We had the two man fold out, the three man dome tent and the three man tunnel tent.

After much deliberation I decided on the three man tunnel tent because Louise liked it more and I thought a little extra space would be good. Hopefully it will be a decent tent. I will be using it up at Capernwray this weekend along with some of the other goodies we got. I think we will be borrowing Louise’s parents bigger tent when we camp up at St Abbs the weekend after. In the afternoon I went to help out with the open water course again. Didn’t get home until late an then just collapsed on the sofa and had a bite to eat.

Sunday day I spent reorganising my office and tidying up to make the perfect thesis station as I really need to accelerate my thesis writing if I want to be finished by the end of the year. It looks pretty good now and it feels better having a change. Then some friends came round for dinner and stayed until quite late drinking some wine and Jamesons…

In the middle of all that Louise picked up our new used car - a really big Renault Megane Scenic. It is pretty nice although well used. It is one of the oldest cars I have ever driven (P reg) but has lots of space for diving and camping gear along with us and the dog. My dive box just slides into the boot which is great. Hopefully it will prove to be a reliable car - but we have only had it for a few days so far.

Best get back to writing that thesis - I have written all these words on here but none of them count towards my thesis ;-) I will work on a thesis-o-meter tonight to track my progress throughout the final months.

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