Tour of Druthers During Saratoga Beer Week

Last week, during Saratoga Beer Week, a small group of intrepid colleagues ventured up to Saratoga Springs to revisit Druthers, a local brew pub that opened last year. On Thursday they were offering tours of their brewery, for just $10 you got to sample a pint of their fine brew, keep the special souvenir glass and learn about their brewing process and philosophy.

Shot of the brewery

We had a great time, and maybe even learned a little. It is clear that the selection of bars in Saratoga Springs is growing, with some amazing brew pubs and tap rooms springing up. The list of events and venues during beer week made this quite clear. Glens Falls is still our longest trip as a group in search of great local beers, although one day it would be great to arrange a trip out to Ommegang to see an American take on Belgium beer. I have already been once, and really like their beers.

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