KDE GSoC Sprint Winding Down

The KDE GSoC sprint is over, and we have all returned to our respective homes. We lost a couple of people who had early flights on Sunday, I snapped a fairly blurred group shot Saturday evening, outside of the MIT Stata Center. After an intense day of hacking we headed out for food in the middle of a torrential down pour. We had some great Indian food, ice cream and then went candle pin bowling before they closed at midnight.

Group shot of KDE GSoC Boston sprint attendees

Sunday morning we got back into hacking pretty early on. We debated the merits of different editors, the role of desktop and internet applications and debugged a few issues with development environments. We also got Dunkin' Donuts coffee and some very tasty burritos. Sunday was cut short by flights, but Jeff very kindly ferried the two groups to the airport for flights at around 6pm and 8pm.

As I was in the second group we took the opportunity to walk into Boston from Cambridge and take a look around. As we crossed the river I took the opportunity to take lots of photos and stitch them together into my first panorama. I think it turned out quite well, I am just starting to get familiar with the software.

Boston panorama from the bridge

I spotted a few posts from Chani and Alejandro about the event too. It was great meeting you guys and I hope you all have a great summer of code!

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