Got My New System Working

Got my new system up and running yesterday. I would like to thank Mastercard and NatWest for helping my to purchase a new PSU, motherboard, graphics card and AMD Althlon64 X2 3800+! I haven’t worked out all the fine details of how I will pay them back just yet, but I do have a beautiful new system up and running!

Thanks to Gentoo it took virtually no effort at all. Flashed the BIOS to the latest version, plugged in my old hard drive. Everything booted but a few things weren’t working so I just recompiled the kernel with SMP support, PCI express support and the forcedeth module for the different network interdace. Rebooted and it was all working great. I do have this really weird issue where it seems to reboot on a cold boot after entering run level 3, then on a second boot everything boots fine.

The system has clock issues too - it gains time at quite an incredible rate. I have even found ntpd having trouble keeping up when it is under load! Hopefully I will get some time to do a little work during the rest of the weekend. I am really hoping for some better luck when it comes to computer hardware too - I can’t afford to replace anything else! The dual core processors seem pretty responsive so far too running on the gentoo-sources-2.6.13-r2. There is just the clock issue and the random reboot on cold start.

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