Dronfield 10 km Race

A week or two ago Stuart (work colleague) and I entered the Dronfield 10K and no Sunday I ran it. For the first 4 km it was going pretty well and I was keeping to a fairly good pace of about 5 minutes to 5.5 minutes a km. Then came a really big hill that took a lot out of me, after that came some gradual hills that seemed to go on forever and by the 5 km mark I was ready to give up and had a massive stitch that I just couldn’t shift.

I hadn't seen Stuart since the first kilometre, he was off in front somewhere. I seriously thought about pulling out as I hit 6 km and went past the start line and on to the second lap. Somehow I managed to keep going an convinced myself that I could do it. All the way round I was thinking I really need to train harder and more consistently if I am going to complete the Sheffield Half Marathon this year.

I was pleased I made it round but disappointed in my time which was a little over an hour. Too much time in front of a computer drinking coffee and not enough in the gym or hitting the pavement! I also need to stop letting so much junk food creep back into my diet, which is really easy to do when I am so stressed with completing my thesis...

Anyway I am glad I finished it, but I really want to get leaner and fitter before the half marathon. Stuart got a really good time I think and he was really pleased with himself. My muscles are still aching today but I am sure I will be back out running by Wedesday and am already looking for another race to push me on.

For now it is back to the thesis…

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