Car Crime - Someone Just Broke Into My Car...

Had a bit of a slow start to the day. Louise left for work at 9ish and I stayed in bed for a while. Got a few things done this morning before getting showered and ready for a late start in the office… Got out to the car to find some little vandals had just broken through the small window in the front of the drivers side door right outside our house in broad daylight :-(

Most unhappy about this I phoned the police on their non-emergency number - the crime had happened already so I couldn’t see how it was still an emergency. Woman answered the phone, I told her I wanted to report a car crime, she asked me what area and put me through. I then spent more than ten minutes on hold! Once I finally get through to someone he just took all my details and gave me my crime number.

I was quite shocked he even bothered to send someone round to our house, but a few hours later a police officer came to dust for prints (far better than a few years ago when something similar happened). He quickly came to the conclusion there weren’t any useable prints and left. My day was pretty much wasted by this point and then I got to figure out how to get it fixed.

It cost us nearly a hundred pounds to get the window fixed. The thieves took got my favourite sunglasses, although I think they cost less than £10 and some parking change (both in the glove box which was closed). I really don’t know why this is allowed to go on in this day and age. The police just advise you not to have anything in your car, we already spend about £80 on a big steering lock and other bits of security equipment.

We are sick and tired of this area. I think this has made me decide it is about time we looked at moving to a nicer area. All the garbage about regeneration is a waste of time, the council/police/authorities have no clue how to make this area any better. This has also prompted me to add a new category to my blog for rants, I had thought about adding it before. I think too often I and others are silent about things like this. I doubt it will do much good but I think these issues should be discussed.

I am going to veg out in front of the TV and try to cheer up about living in an area ruled by yobs…

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