ACS Avogadro Talk Slides and Poster

I kept meaning to put the slides to my Avogadro talk and the poster I presented at the recent ACS meeting in Philadelphia. Things have been really hectic these last few weeks but here they are. The talk was presented in the chemical eduction section, on Monday 18 August, “Avogadro: An integrated approach to teach computational chemistry modeling, simulation and visualization”. The slides were made using LaTeX Beamer and the talk itself was focused on the use of Avogadro when teaching computational chemistry.

Avogadro poster presented at ACS meeting

I also presented a poster at Sci-Mix on Monday, 18 August, and at the main computational chemistry poster session on Tuesday, 19 August. You may have guessed already but I used LaTeX - this time the A0 poster package. The poster title was "Avogadro: A framework for quantum chemistry simulation and visualization". I really enjoyed the two poster sessions and met lots of interesting people during the sessions.

You can grab copies of the slides or poster by clicking on their titles. It was certainly a very interesting conference, although it was so big it was difficult to choose where to go and what to see at times. Especially as some of the hotels with talks I wanted to attend were thirty minutes apart on foot. It was a great opportunity to tell other scientists about the work we are doing as well as introducing some of the concepts of open source to the wide and varied list of attendees I had the pleasure of meeting.

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